Saturday, July 23, 2016



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Friday, July 22, 2016

BLOWIN' IN THE WIND--Rossi & Keeton--(c) 1968


(LZ410 DANANG)--Following recorded in-country, Vietnam, on or about July, 1968: 27th Marines Radio Section, Duong Son 2 Perimeter, DaNang--

Vocal: Cpl EA Keeton, USMC (in photo on right)
Guitars: Cpl CD Rossi, USMC, (in photo on left); Pvt JC Langelle, USMC (not pictured)
Percussion: LCpl BB Boob (not pictured)



KETTLE OF FISH--By JC Langelle--(c) 1990

if i had one wish it would be to die in the kettle of fish some late night as the village sleeps and the grim reaper reaps what he sows beyond the rows as he walks down the rows of houses around washington square where late at night no one dare go except to the kettle of fish to die, one day, i wish-- if i had one wish it would be to die in the kettle of fish as the moon sinks over the village west that's where to lay my soul to rest out in the dark at the square park underneath washington arch drums beating a funeral march as life goes on in the kettle of fish there, i'll die, someday, i wish if i had one wish it would be to die in the kettle of fish as fog diminishes the view outside so no one there would know i died except for a few, maybe one or two who might have known why i was there and if they had one minute to spare grant me that single wish and let me die in the kettle of fish-- ------------------------------------------- before i'm old and gray-- keeping with tradition of protest and sedition, i examined my condition working for the man all day-- a task that never varied as i struggled and i tarried with the burden that i carried, this for little pay-- the alarm on the clock made me jump and walk, it was useless to talk, i had nothing to say-- one foggy morning and with great forlorning, i gave not a warning, i quit and ran away-- i had nothing to take, there was no one to forsake, no promises to break, no one asked me to stay-- i set my destination and my launch defenestration was to cross this mighty nation hoping that i would not stray-- i would travel west to east loaded down with the least so not taken for a beast that need be held at bay-- i would travel through a blizzard, perhaps mistaken for a wizard and would sacrifice my gizzard if i didn't have to pray-- and not return again to places i had been or to find the next of kin in a town along the way-- no one need to take pity for i'll be sitting pretty when i reach new york city, before i'm old and gray-- *************************************** published by reconpresseusa--greenwich village section--